Tuesday, December 23, 2014

From:  Meg Morgan

Colleagues talk about Jim's warmth as evidenced by the fact that he often cried when things got emotional.  However, I could not always tell if he was crying because he was happy or because he was sad or distressed.  As chair of the Bank of America Teaching Awards Committee, he announced the recipient of the award at the Founders hall ceremony.  In 2008, when I was one of the nominees, Jim was the one who announced the recipient of the award.

As soon as he got to the microphone he started to cry.  And I thought:  Is he crying because I received the award or because I did not?  While it took only  a few seconds to actually announce the recipient, in those seconds my mind was going back and forth, stimulated by Jim's emotional behavior. And in the next few seconds, I was one with him in tears.

That moment epitomizes Jim McGavran for me--a man who was an intellectual, a leader, an extraordinary member of this University community, but also a man who felt things deeply and was not afraid to show those feelings.

I will miss him terribly.


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