Sunday, December 28, 2014

From: Christina Milliner (née Renee):

Transferring to UNC Charlotte was a great experience for me. Especially coming from a small community college. I was excited to be studying English and looked forward to all the great literature I would read and learn about in UNCC's English Department. During my  2 1/2 years at UNCC, I had the pleasure of taking two English classes with Dr. McGavran. One was English 2402 and the other English 4120 (for both classes I still have my final papers). 

In these classes, I learned a lot from Dr. McGavran and it was his courses that introduced me to Mary Wollstonecraft. I always enjoyed class with Dr. McGavran because he was such a lovely person with a passionate personality. His love for literature and the great authors showed in his teachings. Dr. McGavran was also one of the first professors I gave my short story cycle to read. His insightful feedback and encouragement is what helped pushed me to continue writing these stories. I was truly hurt to hear of his passing and give my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the UNCC Family.  He was one of my favorite professors at UNC Charlotte and will be missed.

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